Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I've been using Gmail ever since it became available to the public and I haven't used another email solution since. For a free solution it offers a lot of options and a very user-friendly interface.

I've recommended it to friends who aren't computer savvy and now they share my enthusiasm for Gmail.

Let me give you 7 seven reasons why you could also benefit by using Gmail:

Reason #1:
Storage. You get a lot of storage space, about 7 GigaBytes, so you don't have to delete your e-mails. It's easy to sort them by using labels or just forget about them until you need them in the future. No more undeliverable mails because your mailbox is full.

Reason #2:
Mobile Access. You can access your e-mail and calendar from your mobile device, for example your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Even when you're on holiday you can check your mail in an Internet cafe or in a hotel. There's no mail stored locally on your computer, so in a way it travels with you wherever you go.

Reason #3:
Search: Remember reason 1? Well since you stopped deleting old mails, it can become a very big pile. If you wanted to find one manually it could take you significant time. With the built-in search function, you can find e-mails in an instant, even if you can't remember the title just enter a keyword and Google will find it.

Reason #4:
Spam Filter. One of the most annoying things about e-mail is spam. If you don't use a spam-filter you're lost. Gmail has a built-in spam-filter which is one of the best in the world. Your spam will almost guaranteed drop to zero, this is a reason alone to use Gmail. Should a spam e-mail squeeze through into your Inbox, you can 'learn' Gmail that this mail is spam and as a result the next time it won't happen again. Another plus is that this 'learning' potentially affects all Gmail users, so you made the world just a little bit better.

Reason #5:
It's FREE! Yes you read it correctly, Gmail is free to use. Well 'free' in this world doesn't exist, that's why Gmail shows you little advertisements in the sidebar. No irritating banners but text only advertisements that don't distract your eyes from whats important: your e-mail.

Reason #6:
User friendly. Even people with no computer skills can operate Gmail. I tested this on a lot of clients and friends, even people who a reluctant to use it at first will come around and admit it works perfect. You don't need to install software on your computer, the only thing you need to do is visit the Gmail site on your computer and enter your username and password to access your e-mail.

Reason #7:
Security. Gmail uses the latest security techniques to secure your e-mails. So you can be assured that no hackers will read your e-mails. If you are paranoid about security you can even enable a double authentication feature. This means you'll have to enter your password and a verification code sent to your mobile phone before you can access your e-mail.

I hope these 7 reasons are enough to open your eyes. If you aren't already using Gmail I suggest you go to www.gmail.com and sign up for a free account.

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